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Ø1.2*5.8 Ø3*12.8 Ø5*17.8 Ø8*16
Ø1.98*16.25 Ø3.5*5 Ø5.2*11 Ø9*9
Ø1.95*10.5 Ø3.5*9.8 Ø5.3*11 Ø9*14
Ø1.5*5.8 Ø3.5*13.8 Ø5.3*15 Ø10.2*11.5
Ø1.5*4.8 Ø3.5*10.8 Ø5*13 Ø10*10
Ø1.548*12.7 Ø3.19*13.8 Ø5*10 Ø10.15*10
Ø1.588*10 Ø3*12.5 Ø6.5*6.5 Ø10.2*10.4
Ø1.5*7.8 Ø3*17.8 Ø6*10 Ø10.2*9.5
Ø1.81*13.2 Ø3.1*3.4 Ø6*8 Ø10*14
Ø2.5*8.0 Ø3*9.8 Ø6*12 Ø10*11
Ø2.5*10.8 Ø3*9.5 Ø6.5*8 Ø10*24
Ø2.42*11.8 Ø3*23.8 Ø6.5*25 Ø10*20
Ø2*13.8 Ø3*21.8 Ø6*6.5 Ø10*13.8
Ø2*6.8 Ø3*14.8 Ø6.974*9.04 Ø11*11
Ø2*5.8 Ø3.3*10 Ø6*14 Ø11*16
Ø2.25*6.8 Ø3.5*12.8 Ø6.35*20.8 Ø11*15
Ø2.546*15.3 Ø3.446*11.43 Ø6.5*9 Ø12*12
Ø2.9*9.8 Ø3.96*8.24 Ø6.04*12 Ø12*14
Ø2.55*10.8 Ø4*6.8 Ø6*16 Ø12*18
Ø2.565*10.3 Ø4*14.8 Ø6.35*12.4 Ø13*14
Ø2.387*12 Ø4.76*11.8 Ø6*6 Ø14*14
Ø2.5*5 Ø4*8 Ø6.35*22.23 Ø15*15
Ø2*9.8 Ø4.5*15.5 Ø7.5*9 Ø15*16
Ø2*4.8 Ø4*16 Ø7.5*7.5 Ø15*20
Ø2.5*9.8 Ø4*10.8 Ø7*7 Ø18*18
Ø2.02*10.3 Ø4*5 Ø7.5*13 Ø19*19
Ø2.5*11.8 Ø4*23.8 Ø7.5*11 Ø20*20
Ø2.34*16.5 Ø4.5*30 Ø7.5*6 Ø23*23
Ø2.387*16.8 Ø4*32.8 Ø7.5*10 Ø12.7*35.611
Ø2.5*12.8 Ø4*4 Ø7*10 Ø12.7*56.003
Ø2.8*6 Ø4*15.8 Ø7.8*13 Ø22.2*32
Ø2.9*11.8 Ø4*10.8 Ø8*10 Ø22.2*42
Ø3*11.8 Ø5*20 Ø8*12 Ø16.32*27.305
Ø3*8.8 Ø5*5 Ø8*8 Ø16.32*54.432
Ø3*10.8 Ø5*6 Ø8.02*11.7 Ø34*34
Ø3*5.75 Ø5*8 Ø8*11 Ø34*54
Ø3*5 Ø5.5*5.5 Ø8.04*9 Ø50*80
nonstandard sizes

We pay great attention to the technical introduction and application of the new technical development,have many seniorengineers and outstanding professionals,using the domestic first-calss production and inspetion devices.We could provide varous needle roller of series G2,G3 and cylindrical roller ofⅡ、Ⅲ,all kinds of overall convex,relieved end,variant-curvature roller and needle roller according to customers various requirements.Our products are using in various fields,such as automobile,machine toll,electrical machinery,etc.We exported our products to overseas countries and regions,such as Italy,Japan,India,USA,etc...